La Londe Marketing Conférence

An international Research Seminar with a long tradition

Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management – IAE is a part of Aix-Marseille University, the largest public university in France.  Since its creation, The school has been involved in research (it created the first PhD program in business in France ) with the CERGAM laboratory (EA 4225) and in international exchanges and cooperation.  Every year, visiting professors from foreign universities join the faculty. It has hosted the ITP (International Teachers Program) three times in recent years. It is EQUIS accredited. It is one of the leading public University Business Schools in France. Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management – IAE was the very first school in Europe – in 1979 – to introduce a one-year graduate program in the Management of Services.

The school organises every year a Research Seminar which is located in La Londe les Maures, France.

The La Londe Conference is held every year late May or early June. It is devoted on a biennial basis to :

  • Marketing Communications and Consumer Behavior (the odd years)
  • or to Service Management (the even years).
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